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Apparent K2 overdoses in Brooklyn leave 25 hospitalized

This story was first published on the New York Daily News

By Marco Poggio, Jeff Bachner and Noah Goldberg

Twenty-five people were sickened in Brooklyn late Saturday by what cops suspected were overdoses of the synthetic marijuana drug K2.

Some of the victims staggered zombie-like and incoherent through a commercial area near Broadway and Myrtle Ave., on the border of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick. They spoke incoherently as paramedics tended to them.

"We call them 'The Walking Dead,'" said Israel P., 23, who works at his family's Mexican restaurant nearby. He said he saw three people taken away in ambulances.

Another man who works in the area said: "One of them, a guy, was upside down. His body up, his head down ... Another one was lying down flat."

"I know these guys. They're always here," the man said.

All 25 people hospitalized in the incident were expected to survive, said cops.

The madness began around 6:10 p.m. when firefighters got a call from the neighborhood reporting people with "altered mental status." Some were unconscious and others had trouble breathing, police sources said.

Cops swarmed the neighborhood Saturday night, and planned to make sure no businesses were selling K2, a police spokesman said.

A similar incident in the same area in 2016 sickened 33 people. In that incident, police filed nuisance abatement actions against two businesses, Big Boy Deli at 930 Broadway and a smoke shop next door.

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