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Zeke Upshaw's family files wrongful death suit against NBA

This story was first published on the New York Daily News

By Marco Poggio and Rich Shapiro

An NBA development player who died after collapsing during a game lay on the court for more than four minutes as staffers failed to provide basic lifesaving treatment, a new lawsuit says.

The blistering federal court suit takes the NBA to task for what it claims was a shockingly poor response to Zeke Upshaw's medical emergency during a Saturday night game in Michigan.

"There appeared to be uncertainty, indecisiveness, and a complete and utter lack of appreciation of the severity of the moment as the basketball player's life silently slipped away on the hard wood floor in front of them," says the suit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court on behalf of Upshaw's mother.

"Remarkably, for much longer than four full minutes, no (CPR) was initiated, no chest compressions were started, no oxygen mask was placed on his nose and mouth, no airway was cleared and secured, and no defibrillator sensors and electric delivery patches were attached and secured to Zeke's chest."

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