Selected Print and Digital Stories


Immigrant fathers reunite with their sons in New York months after being separated at the border (New York Daily News)

Stormy lawyer Avenatti jumps in to give assist as Honduran father fights to see daughters housed at East Harlem center (New York Daily News)

Apparent K2 overdoses in Brooklyn leave 25 hospitalized
(New York Daily News)

Witness in stabbing death of Morgan Freeman's grandkid shares her last words in trial (New York Daily News)

Two armed robbers wearing clown masks raid Queens Walgreens for painkillers (New York Daily News)

Zeke Upshaw's family files wrongful death suit against NBA
(New York Daily News)

Manhattan lawyer keeps big mouth shut when reporters confront him after racist restaurant rant goes viral (New York Daily News)

Bigwig in mayor's Office of Criminal Justice nabbed with gun in car in Queens (New York Daily News)

Woman faces 10 charges in Park Slope crash that killed two kids, was told by doctors to stop driving (New York Daily News)

Juror tossed from trial of Manhattan nanny charged with killing two children (New York Daily News)

Bronx man killed in DWI crash ‘didn’t deserve to die like that,’ neighbor says (New York Daily News)


Bronx grandma found dead with baby called her daughter amid massive blaze: 'We're going to die' (New York Daily News)

Manhattan terror victim Nicholas Cleves' family 'completely destroyed' by his untimely death (New York Daily News)

Patchwork of education programs for NY prisoners who want to get out and stay out (City Limits)


Reporter’s Notebook: A city expecting the least from a broken criminal justice system (Juvenile Justice Information Exchange)

Effort to ‘civilianize’ NYPD desk jobs slows (City & State)


Legislation limiting solitary confinement in New York gains momentum
(Solitary Watch)

San Antonio soldier killed in Humvee wreck at Fort Hood
(San Antonio Express-News)

Advocates for expanding school days find uphill climb in Texas
(San Antonio Express-News)

Even in a bilingual city, bilingual teachers in short supply
(San Antonio Express-News)

Recalling the walkouts of 1968: A curriculum of low expectations was challenged (San Antonio Express-News)

Edgewood board didn’t seem aware a trustee had resigned
(San Antonio Express-News)

City includes $1 billion for overtime in 2016 budget (Gotham Gazette)

Eight government agencies to face questions (Gotham Gazette)

Celebrating indigenous peoples (Voices of New York)


Brooklyn Borough President challenged over real estate ties
(Brooklyn News Service)

Grade pending over restaurant grades (Brooklyn News Service)

More than 100 tenants still wait to go home after 2012 fire
(New York Daily News)

Russians and Ukrainians of South Brooklyn speak on Crimean crisis (The Excelsior)

Why the government should not criminalize national security reporters (The Excelsior)

Judge temporarily blocks concrete work on Brooklyn high rise
(New York Daily News)

Brooklyn Museum taps woman to head the cultural institution
(New York Daily News)

Brownsville tenants live without hot water and electricity for days as temperatures soar (New York Daily News)

Girl killed, sister and mom left critically injured as minivan crashes in Brooklyn: cops (New York Daily News)

Brooklyn Muslims turn vacant Burger King into temporary mosque
(New York Daily News)

Residents rip proposed ‘upzoning' along Prospect-Lefferts Garden and Crown Heights border (New York Daily News)


After 150 years of pollution, the Gowanus Canal will be cleaned up
(The Excelsior)